-360 All-In-One Solution-


Our branding and marketing experts always start with establishing great understand of the brand themselves. Their experience working with different media channels, events and other agencies are all parts of our strength for creating successful branding strategy and implementation plan in Chinese market.


Pricing is the another most critical factor to bring success to our strategy. With great competition in almost all types products in the market, our experts built a mechanism to monitor the market trend actively. Great information will be shared for pricing strategy before launch and pricing management after launch, to insure the rights for both our clients and customers.


We have the best marketers when it comes to creating traffic. They know how to work with different marketplaces, they understand the criticality of the social media landscape, key opinion leaders and how to collaborate both into the same strategy. We build marketing and promotion plans, including performance oriented media buying plans. And when it comes to the creative aspects, we have teamed up with many experienced photographers, videographers, designers, and studios specialized in product promotions in China.


Localization is not system integration, is not translation, is not creating promotion creatives or communication in local language, not re-packaging or re-labelling. When we create localization solution, we listen to both our clients, retailer channels and end customers; a thorough understanding behind the brand philosophy and product market fit, combining Chinese customers preference and purchase behavior is the foundation of our localization strategy.

Customer Management

Comparing with many other countries, Chinese online shoppers expect instantaneous customer service - usually via platform embedded chat tool, both before and after the sale. Icon Time customer team delivers customer oriented service while keeping the tone of brand voice. Customer service is also a channel where we collect customers' feedback for strategy optimization, even to client for product improvement.

Shipping & Warehousing

Over past year's development, Icon Time has built a mature supply chain solution with different types of warehouses in different cities and best dispatching networks to insure fast reaction and high quality delivery service.

Custom & Compliance

Coming hand-in-hand with international trading, no matter cross-border shipping or general trade, it comes customs clearance and regulatory compliance. Icon Time's professional team with great experience has also built long term relationship with authorities to guarantee the fast clearance process all year round.


360 All-In-One Solution

Icon Time provides 360 service to cover the process from brand to end customer. In another word, Icon Time will take the responsibility of brand's development in China.

Modular Service Solution

Icon Time also provides best service and professional support in specific areas.

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