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-Online Store Operation-

Icon Time’s online store operation service covers a wide range of channels and platforms, including online stores (such as Tmall, JD, Redbook and Amazon), official portal website, social media platforms (such as WeChat malls and Applet) and O2O. Offline channels cover high end gift stores and supermarkets, maternity products chain boutiques, education centers. 


Each brand’s strategy is deployed according to the consumer lifecycle (people), merchandising (products) and scenarios (places) and the integration between these to ensure seamless and consistent consumer experience to achieve high operational efficiency.


Content Management

  • Content operation and result evaluation

  • User research based targeting

  • Omni channel ads strategy and operation

Full-lifecycle management

  • New user acquisition

  • Word-of-mouth referral promotion

  • Re-marketing and re-purchase campaign

  • Brand loyalty management

Merchandise ManagemenT

  • Store display strategy and design

  • Product portfolio management and pricing strategy

  • “Top-seller” strategy and promotion

Integrated Data Analysis

  • Marketing promotion analysis

  • Platform performance analysis

  • Competitor analysis

-Digital Marketing-

The development of digital marketing in China in the past years is catching up even leading the world’s speed. Nowadays, online traffic has been widely spread over different channels, which can’t be easily captured by just SEO, or other basic digital marketing activities. Accurate user profiling, omni-channel launching, KOL promoting, broadcast selling, are all become a part of digital marketing. 


E-commerce Strategy

  • Brand identifying and positioning

  • Data analysis based optimization

  • Media + creativity + operation experience

  • Deep knowledge in both marketing and sales

KOL Strategy

  • KOLs with different features and specialties are tailored into promotion plan to maximize the result

  • KOLs in different levels are matched with different promotion phases

  • Cooperate with more than 500 KOLs with different focus in cosmetics products, health products, maternity products, which cover top tier in Chinese KOL eco system

Big data based promotion

  • Omni channel customer data operation

  • Data modeling and forecasting capability

  • Weibo partnered data driven promotion


-Customer Service-

We believe customer service is an important part to increase satisfaction level. Customer service should be implemented in pre-sale, in-sale, and post-sale stages. Service standard needs to be unified, while, service content needs to be personalized.



​Icon time's dedicated customer service team for each brand to serve their official website malls and platform online stores (such as Tmall, JD.com, WeChat). This ensures that the service team has specific knowledge about the attributes of each brand, as well as the product characteristics and related processes. This safeguards the consumer experience, effectively conveys the brand message, and protects and promotes the brand image. We do this in a number of ways.

  • Shopping communication guide

  • Timely information and consultation

  • Collaborative order tracking

  • One-stop after-sales support


Icon Time exercises centralized management over its respective customer service teams. This makes customer service management more simple, fair and effective, thus optimizing the overall online operation. We do this through:

  • Systematic performance management

  • Standardized and professional training

  • Service quality tracking and monitoring

  • Upgraded customer complaints management


Supply Chain Management

Icon Time provides China domestic and international logistics service

Icon Time has several long term logistics partners and for each client, we consider price, effectiveness, product feature and many other factors to provide the best logistics solution. For domestic goods dispatch, Icon Time cooperates with SF Express, Deppon Express and others top solution providers, to make sure the delivery. 

Icon Time has both general trade warehouse and cross-border warehouse in different locations covering different areas, to shorten delivery time and improve customer experience. 

Inventory Accuracy

≥ 99.96%​
≥ 99.5%​
≥ 99.5%​

On-time order processing

On-time Delivery