Online Store Operation

Icon Time’s online store operation service covers a wide range of channels and platforms, including online stores (such as Tmall, JD, Redbook and Amazon), official portal website, social media platforms (such as WeChat malls and Applet) and O2O. Offline channels cover high end gift stores and supermarkets, maternity products chain boutiques, education centers. 

Each brand’s strategy is deployed according to the consumer lifecycle (people), merchandising (products) and scenarios (places) and the integration between these to ensure seamless and consistent consumer experience to achieve high operational efficiency.

Modern Work Space

Content Traffic Management:

  • Content operation and result evaluation

  • User research based targeting

  • Omni channel ads strategy and operation

Getting Coffee

Full-lifecycle Management

  • New user acquisition

  • Word-of-mouth referral promotion

  • Re-marketing and re-purchase campaign

  • Brand loyalty management


Merchandise Management

  • Store display strategy and design

  • Product portfolio management and pricing strategy

  • “Top-seller” strategy and promotion

Casual Business Meeting

Integrated Data Analysis

  • Marketing promotion analysis

  • Platform performance analysis

  • Competitor analysis