Digital Marketing

The development of digital marketing in China in the past years is catching up even leading the world’s speed. Nowadays, online traffic has been widely spread over different channels, which can’t be easily captured by just SEO, or other basic digital marketing activities. Accurate user profiling, omni-channel launching, KOL promoting, broadcast selling, are all become a part of digital marketing.

Modern Work Space

E-commerce Strategy

  • E-commerce Strategy:

  • Brand identifying and positioning

  • Data analysis based optimization

  • Media + creativity + operation experience

  • Deep knowledge in both marketing and sales

Getting Coffee

KOL Strategy

  • KOLs with different features and specialties are tailored into promotion plan to maximise the result

  • KOLs in different levels are matched with different promotion phases

  • Cooperate with more than 500 KOLs with different focus in cosmetics products, health products, maternity products, which cover top tier in Chinese KOL eco system


Big Data Based Promotion

  • Omni channel customer data operation

  • Data modelling and forecasting capability

  • Weibo partnered data driven promotion